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Take me home, country roads!

Posted on: September 20, 2008

I sang at a funeral today.  The saddest part was how bad the song sounded.  I can’t even talk about the fact that I didn’t know what I was singing until 12:00.  The funeral was at 1:00.  And, the lady playing the piano was so busy catching up with long lost friends that we ran through the song only once.  Then, can we talk about the key?  It was in the range of OPERA, not Tracy.  Thank goodness that we just have to make a joyful noise!


I know this sounds weird, but there was something so comfortable about today.  The pastor was the one that was at my church growing up.  The woman who played the piano was involved with our youth and music at the church growing up.


Now, keep in mind that I haven’t had many positive things to say about my experience in the church growing up.


But, there was something so cool about being there, singing with people who have known me my entire life, and worshipping God with hymns that have been written for longer than I have been alive.  And, we hit them all, too. . . “Amazing Grace,” “In the Garden,” “Whispering Hope,” and “Old Rugged Cross.”  It made me just want to pull up a chair and have a good, old-fashioned sing along, yes it did!!!


Today I realized that there was a lot of positive things that came from that church.  Mostly, they were the relationships.  That is what the church is, though, huh?!?

2 Responses to "Take me home, country roads!"

Yes, my friend,

life and church are all about singing the old(new) songs
and just being in His presence with nothing but joy in
our hearts

I agree. I cannot imagine not being at our church. I know you have heard some things. Relationships are the best. i remember during chemo, the kids were 15 and 13. I could wake up in the morning after chemo and someone would be vacuuming, and someone else cleaning the kitchen. There was always someone to take the kids to sports practices and to cry with me when necessary. Those things a person never forgets…I pray I never do.
Love, Barb

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