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I’m going. Are you?

Posted on: October 4, 2008

So, I am preparing to head to the Catalyst Conference and I CAN’T WAIT!!!


I wasn’t going this year.  I have been for 2 years now and I thought it might be time to find something different.  But, these guys were so excited about being there that it got me psyched about going.


This year will be a different year.  We have people going who have never been before.  That always happens, but this year there seems to be more than ever before.  That is awesome!  It is always excited to feel the energy that that gives off when we return.  It is fun to see God unleash their potential to change the world around them.  It is a feeling that I need to be reminded of often!


So, I am excited!  There are tons of people I want to catch up with and even meet for the first time.  These guys should be amazing, as usual.  It will be fun to connect with them again.  And, she has challenged me more in the past year than anyone else I can think of.  And we have never met.  So, maybe that will happen.


Are you going?  If not, you can catch all the action here.  Hopefully I will have a lot to write about next week.  Wouldn’t regular posts be a bonus?!?  DON’T ANSWER!!


OH. . . and while I am thinking about it. . . if any of you “catalyst higher-ups” are reading this, I think this guy would be an amazing speaker one year.  I’m just saying!!!

4 Responses to "I’m going. Are you?"

Have a great time! Sounds awesome!

I’m very excited…and I am even more excited that I get to share this experience with a lot of people I love dearly from our church, especially you!

“this guy” would be awesome.

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