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What’s with the nudity?

Posted on: October 6, 2008

Is there a full moon today?  Am I living in an alternate universe?


First, I have had a patient lift his pants today to show my hygienist his scars from his cancer surgery.  Now, I can forgive him because he has Down’s Syndrome and maybe he thinks this is normal.  Thing is. . . I have known him my entire life.  He has never done anything like that and I am pretty sure he knows it is not normal.  AND. . . that’s  a little more of him than anyone wanted to know.


Crazy, right?


Then, at lunch today I go to pick up my syringes for my allergy shots.  (Now, let me just say that I am pretty sure these shots are not getting me anywhere for the past two months because I would pay you to quickly remove my head from my body today.  But, I digress)


As I pull around the corner of the pharmacy, toward the BUSIEST street in town, I see a man walking around the side of the building.  My immediate response is, “Wonder what his story is.”  I want to know everyone and what brought them to where they are now.  Clearly, however, his need to go to the bathroom brought him around the corner because he whipped it right out and starting peeing on the side of the CVS.  COULD YOU TRY TO HIDE, AT LEAST?


What is will all the craziness today?

8 Responses to "What’s with the nudity?"

Reminds me of my days living in NY State, and visiting NY City. You see all kinds of things in places like that. Anyway, didn’t you hear abiout the NUDIST COLONY in Burlington? LOL..Just kidding.

some girls have all the luck, or in your case none at all.

becareful when you are travelling with Nat.

above comment was made by me, not dave

@Joan/Dave. . . no matter who made the comment, you are right. I would say I have NO LUCK AT ALL!!!!

ha ha ha! that is so funny….

The worst public nudity I’ve ever seen was a woman, fully naked walking down the street in San Fransisco. I was on a bus, for a field trip.

You say that like peeing on the side of a CVS is a bad thing.

They would not let me use the restroom in the CVS. Sorry about that…..

hahaha. one, the thing about the guy at CVS cracked me up. two, P.D.s comment made me laugh even more 🙂

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