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I’m going bald!

Posted on: October 7, 2008

I am a details kind of girl when it comes to some things. 

When I plan worship, I like to be ahead of the game.  I can see the big picture and take care of the details.  I plan the band with thoughts to the songs we are playing.  It’s not random. . . it is very detailed and well-though out.

I may the only one on my team like that and I am starting to pull my hair out.

When it comes to vacations, I don’t plan AT ALL!!  I like to go with the flow.  It doesn’t matter what time we leave or arrive.  It’s all about the journey, not the destination.  I don’t mind a GENERAL plan, but the details are too much for my brain that is on vacation.

I may be the only one going to this conference who is like that.

So, needless to say, I am pulling my hair out a little bit this morning.  But, as crazy as it gets, that’s the best part of community. . . all of the differences.  Just keep reminding me I said that!!!

2 Responses to "I’m going bald!"

LOL…OK…Here is my thought: I like to be planned for the worship arts team too…I like ti when we know in advance what we are doing, coming going, etc…You know that i am always on top of that, and bug the heck out of you and the others when it is not published well in advance. 🙂 As for trips…I like the time of knowing when we are at least leaving…I think it’s more of an anticipation thing with me. I love traveling, and can’t wait to get there…so I like the knowing the time to leave thing myself. I guess, I like to know things like this ahead of time, because my time is important to me, and i know other people’s times are important to them too. Think of this: If we were having a rehearsal and people consitently showed up late, wouldn’t that tell you that they don’t consider your time as important as theirs? I do however for the most part agree with what you wrote in your post 🙂 See I’m very agreeable and easy to get along with 🙂

I am just worrying about Natalie who is travelling with
you. good thing i have been praying alot, maybe I should
stop typing and start praying for you again.

YOU Know what Paul say about pray.

always be safe, learn alot to teach the rest of us and
enjoy your time with Fee.

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