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Can I hear an “Amen?”

Posted on: January 8, 2009

Get irreverent, get open, and get diverse.

Or get used to never accomplishing anything extraordinary.


I read this statement here and loved it.  For me, his post is so true, especially in the church.  People are so afraid of conflict that we sometimes aren’t honest.  And, in the church, we use the whole “we operate under extreme grace” excuse.

Conflict doesn’t have to be ugly.  Disagreements don’t have to be heated arguments.  For me, conflict is merely conversation about something we have differing opinions on.

Why are people so afraid of honest, open communication?  Why are we so afraid to be different?  Why do we hate people who are different from us or who disagree with us?

3 Responses to "Can I hear an “Amen?”"

great questions…ones i don’t have any answers to, but ask myself often.

i hope you are well. we’re praying for you. come visit us in Austins…soon!

This is great. I don’t know all the details about what’s going on in your world right now, but I believe I would forward that link onto the ones that really need to read it. Church can get really messy at times. Especially when leadership is going in a questionable direction. Praying for you! And you keep praying through all of this as well!

Great article. Thanks for sharing Tracy! Still praying for you. ~S~

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