In Rapid Pursuit

I can’t imagine. . .

Posted on: January 12, 2009

Yesterday my niece, Sierra, ran away from home.  I don’t know many details yet, but we found her late last night.

Physically, she’s OK.  Mentally. . .

What must she be thinking?  She must feel so alone and desperate.  She must feel so un-loved.  She must really want attention.

Today I am left with the startling realization that, no matter what the truth is, YOUR reality is all you can see.  She can’t see that we desperately want to help her.  She can’t imagine how horrified we were not knowing where she was for almost 24 hours.  She can’t feel how much we love her.  She doesn’t know how lost we would be without her.

I am a little numb today.  It has been an exhausting weekend.

But, don’t pray for me. 

Pray for Sierra.  Pray that in times that she can’t feel our love, that she  feels God’s love surrounding her.  Pray that she feels God’s protection.  Pray that she begins to realize how awesome she is and how God’s plan for her can be an amazing one.

Just pray!

2 Responses to "I can’t imagine. . ."

will pray for her Tracy. It is so hard to be a teenager, in this day and age, and you are right sometimes we can only see what we are feeling.

I am sorry that Sierra, feels that way and
of course Dave and I will continue to pray for her
and her sister

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