In Rapid Pursuit

The story continues. . .

Posted on: January 12, 2009

When you are a teenager, it’s all about being cool.  It’s about having tons of friends, doing fun things, and meeting new people.  This is when church was TONS of fun!

Yes, I was still forced to go every Sunday, but, somehow, it was OK.

I loved being around all of my friends at church.  I loved that some of them were from a different school.  I loved the trips we took.  I loved the fundraisers we did.  I really can’t think of anything I would have complained about.

Looking back, however. . . where was God?  I mean, we did a “Bible study,” but that definitely was not the focus.  I can’t think of one time we helped someone who was in need.  WELL, let me take that back.  We did help an elderly lady every year at Christmas.

Was this time more about connecting to people?  Was it more about the community?

This is one thing that the church I most recently attended had right!  There is definitely a focus on Christ and an emphasis on helping those that are not as fortunate as you.  Working with the youth, I was challenged to think outside of myself.  I was asked hard questions and given great answers, sometimes.

I loved working with the teenagers.  It felt like the most real connections.  The relationships seemed raw and honest.  And, while I loved it, I quit.  I never felt connected with the adults.  I never felt I was contributing in the best way possible.  I never felt like there was a place that I was needed.

Tonight, however, I found out I was wrong about a few things.  Tonight I reconnected with some of those girls from the youth ministry.  They are in college and turning out to be strong young women in Christ. . . much stronger than me, honestly.  I think I played a small part in that.  I hope so!

I hope that, for those girls, they look back on their teenage years in church and see more than a social event.  I hope the foundation was laid for them to change the world.  I think it was and I believe they will!

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