In Rapid Pursuit

Yea, I’m in a negative place.

Posted on: January 13, 2009

This blog has been negative lately.  I don’t like it like that, but that’s where I am.  I am working on it, but today’s post is not going to be any different.  That’s FULL DISCLOSURE!  Feel free to click away now.

Today I am left with so many questions about community.

This is the thing I loved about church.  I loved meeting people and learning their stories.  I loved meeting their needs.  I loved being part of their lives.

I put up walls, though.  I am wondering where that leaves me as far as people being “in” my life.

When people are talking about you but not to you, is it gossip or concern?  Don’t they have to talk to you about it for it to be real concern?  When people say they are concerned, but never talk to you or send you a note, is it real or fake?

Do I put up walls that don’t let people in?  Do I act like I always have it together so there is no need for concern?  Can people see through that act?  Do I want people to be concerned or do I want to live on an island?

I have tons of questions.  Today, however, I am left feeling like an island.  That may be my fault.  I am praying about that.

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