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Posted on: January 15, 2009

So, I knew it would be hard to stop singing.  Tonight I am feeling the weight of that.

I am singing tomorrow night at a dinner.  It is the only thing I have planned as far as singing goes.  And. . . it was just a last minute thing because someone backed out.  (I know that is a lot of useless info, but go with it. . . it’s late!)

It was fun practicing tonight.  I don’t remember the last time I felt that way.  The music wasn’t that great.  My vocals were definitely not so good.  We really need more time to rehearse . . . we don’t have it.  But, it was fun to just be creative.  It was fun to sing new music.

It was awesome to remember what that feels like.

Then I came home and watched both episodes of American Idol from this week.  I cried the entire time I watched it.  

I know how stupid that sounds.  I feel stupid for doing it.  But, it just reminded me of the gift God has blessed me with.  It reminded me of how much his heart must ache that I am ignoring that.  It reminded me that I feel called to sing and lead worship.

That’s not happening and tonight my heart is heavy because of it.  The silence is deafening!

3 Responses to "Silence"

Sometimes it has to get really quiet to be able to hear what you need to hear.

I’m praying for you.


God has certainly blessed you with the gift of singing – no doubt about it. But, He has also given you certain passions. Be still. Pray. God will help you know how to combine your gift and your passions. And it will all bring glory to Him!!!

I love your heart and I love you!

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