In Rapid Pursuit

Wisdom in unexpected places!

Posted on: January 17, 2009

I am re-reading “The Shack.”  I read it twice when it first came out, but it seems like everyone around me is just now reading it.  So, I felt like I needed to read it again so I could join in on the conversation.  I came across this tonight and it spoke volumes to my heart.

Paradigms power perception and perceptions power emotions.  Most emotions are responses to perception – what you think is true about a given situation.  If your perception is false, then your emotional response to it will be false too.  So, check your perceptions, and beyond that check the truthfulness of your paradigms – what you believe.  Just because you believe something firmly doesn’t make it true.  Be willing to reexamine what you believe.  The more you live in the truth, the more your emotions will help you see clearly.  But even then, you don’t want to trust them more than me.

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