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I’m all alone!

Posted on: January 21, 2009

At work, that is.

My only full-time employee had a baby this weekend.  He is too cute, by the way!  I am not the typical “i want to hold your newborn baby” kinda girl, but I couldn’t resist.

I digress!

Then, my hygienist that works 3 days a week has not worked since before Christmas because of a back injury.

So, that leaves me and a hygienist that works 1 day a week.

Luckily, I have found someone to fill-in on a limited basis for both of my employees.  But, I am busting my butt!!  They aren’t trained on the computer so I am doing all of the check-in/out of patients.  I am also handling all of the billing, lab work, cleaning, you know. . . . all that stuff that I take for granted that it gets done.

I miss them, but I love being busy!  Have I said that I love my job?  I DO!!

2 Responses to "I’m all alone!"

Tracy, if your coworker will et you, please share the baby pic on the blog. I’ll bet you the baby is cute as a button. Also, I know you love your job, and you do a great job at it too. That’s one of the reason’s I chose you and your services. You all put a lot into quality care with your patients.

I am willing to work one day a week, I am cheap
and I can answering the phone and do billing

Or I know a out of work guy who will work
for lunch

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