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Just being honest. . .

Posted on: January 25, 2009

Today was another Sunday without church.  It has pretty much been this way since Thanksgiving, with the exception of singing at 3 Christmas Eve services.  I didn’t listen to the message, though, so does that really count?

I am trying to process how it feels to be “free” on a Sunday.  I want to say good, but it just feels weird.

Church was such a huge part of my life for the last 5 years.  It just seems weird to be disconnected.  I walked in their tonight to hear a friend of mine speak.  It felt so uncomfortable and weird.

I did, however, start to watch the beta test of the web campus at NewSpring.  It left me with some thoughts.

First, I freaking love that church’s worship.  The girl who sang tonight probably blew the paint off the walls.  She is amazing.  I love how they appear to work together as a team.  They switch things up, and they all seem to be engaged.  BONUS!

Second, I am questioning how connected I will feel if this is the only church service I “attend.”  I don’t know.  It will be an interesting journey to be on.

The last thought that I am left with tonight is the fact that, now more than ever, I am sure that God has huge plans for my life.  I am going to try to experience every moment of that and not live in the past or the future!!!

3 Responses to "Just being honest. . ."

My Prayer for you, Tracy, is this: I pray you will get connected and stay connected some place, wethere it be coming back to us at St. Mark’s or some place new. You have several gifts from God, and you need to share them with others. One of them is of course the Music Talents. The other that I can see clearly is evangelism. I see this with both friends who you have talked to (including myself) and also the Youth. You have touched many lives and been an inspiration to keeping these young folks on the right track. Bless you my friend!

Hey Honey,

You are not alone, for have plenty of friends,
and second and fore most God is always with you.

Dave and I are also praying for you, just be still
and wait for the answer. I know easier said that
done. Let’s do coffee or lunch one day

I came across your blog from Whittaker Woman. (I was looking at all the NC people.) I am from Charlotte. I go to Elevation Church. Guess it may be a drive for you, but if you like Newspring you would like us too! Actually, Pastor is friends with Perry.

Check out the website if you want Any ?s, let me know.

(BTW, I’m really not crazy, I just know how important it is to have a good church!)

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