In Rapid Pursuit

It’s a process. I’m getting there.

Posted on: February 17, 2009

What is it that makes us so quick to solve others’ problems and so slow to solve our own?

I have been thinking about that a lot lately.  I always have suggestions for other people.  I always see the situation pretty clearly and can offer some advice, maybe even have a little wisdom.

It’s not that easy for my own problems.  Emotions are involved.  Feelings are there.  It’s a little more messy.

I think things would be a lot different if we could view our lives as an outsider, removed from the emotions and stresses that weigh us down.  I have been trying to do that lately, to breathe, take a minute, be a little more deliberative. 

I’m not that good at it.

2 Responses to "It’s a process. I’m getting there."

Hi Girl,

solving other people’s problems is always easier because in
some cases it involves no thought or investment of time and

however our problems are to close and like you said and
tied up with emotions.

I’ll keeping praying for you.

hope we can meet for coffee someday soon

Tracy, I’ve always thought you possessed a clarity of vision/wisdom that’s pretty rare. And I think it’s always harder to solve your own stuff. Maybe you need to find another wise person to help you see your stuff clearer. You could be wise to each other!

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